NEW ARRIVALS (followed by complete list of games by category):

Quacks of Quedlinburg – build potions but avoid exploding
Forbidden Sky – find the components and build a rocket ship
Barenpark – race to build the best bear park
Cat cafe – Eddie the ginger boss told us to get this game
Blockbuster – give film clues with quotes, scenes or single words
Cockroach Poker – bluffing game where cockroaches will inherit the earth
Mysterium Park – give psychic clues with pictures
Deep Sea Adventure – push your luck underwater sharing one air tank
Taverns of Tiefenthal – use dice and cards to run a tavern
Animal Dobble – Dobble … but with animals!
Codenames Duet (2-player version of popular team word game)
Da Vinci Coda (deductive logic game to break a code)
Doctor Who – The Interactive Electronic Board Game (Dr Who needs batteries!)
Triolet – Scrabble with numbers (adding up to 15)
David Bowie Monopoly
Wits & Wagers –  trivia game where knowing your opponent can score more than knowing the answer
Just One –  provide clues but don’t be too obvious as duplicates get weeded out
Photosynthesis –   chase the sun, avoid the shadows and photosynthesise

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You can look at our collection on Board Game Geek. And here too is the list – conveniently divided into categories (please feel free to contradict any labels imposed here):

Popular Modern games
Agricola – chunky farming game, quite a few rules
Azul – place your tiles for the number 1 abstract game on BoardGameGeek
Camel Cup (officially named Camel Up!) – bet on camel racing
Carcassonne – the original tile-laying game
Century: Spice Road – 2-level Splendor
Citadels – be a new character every round
Colt Express – aim for the sheriff but probably punch the air
Five Tribes – more meeples than you can sheik a stick at
Kingdomino – build a 5×5 island … carefully
Power Grid + UK Expansion
Puerto Rico – construct buildings, ship goods, try being governor
Race for the Galaxy – choose a phase then decide if your cards are money or tools
Reef – think of it as 3D Splendor
Sagrada –  making stained glass windows out of dice
San Juan – set collecting & city building
Scythe – mechs and minis in an alternate history
Settlers of Catan (incl 5-6 player expansion or Cities & Knights Expansion)
Small World – where else will you find Fortified Dwarves and Mounted Amazons?
Splendor – choose gems, buy mines, build an engine for more
Star Trek Catan – to boldly trade sci-fi wood for sheep, I mean dilithium for tritanium
Terraforming Mars – if we can’t save this planet, make Mars habitable
Ticket to Ride – there will be one in every home
Ticket to Ride : Marklin – this is the German map (Marklin are model trains)
Ticket to Ride : Nordic Counties – with tunnels, ferries and a 9-carriage route
Ticket to Ride Europe – with tunnels, ferries and stations
Ticket to Ride Europe: 1912 expansion
Ticket to Ride United Kingdom – with locomotives improving technology
Ticket to Ride London – mini board with buses not trains
7 Wonders

Co-operative / asymmetric games
Betrayal at House on the Hill
Burgle Bros.
The Captain is DEAD – co-operate to save the starship Enterprise & not die like captain Kirk (other mythologies are available)
Castle Panic
Elder Sign
Eldritch Horror
Escape – The Curse of the Temple
Flashpoint Fire Rescue – thematic co-operative game in a burning building
Flatline – real-time co-operative dice-rolling against the clock
Forbidden Desert
Forbidden Island
Galactic Strike Force
The Grizzled – it is the First World War, you are French troops, you’ll probably all die
Hanabi – set collection but you are not allowed to look at your own cards
Last Night on Earth Zombie Game
Magic Maze – you control 4 robbers … but you are not allowed to speak during the heist
Mechs Vs Minions – zillions of minis in this real life extract from League of Legends
Mysterium – asymmetric cross between Cluedo and Dixit with a ghost giving visual clues to psychic investigators
Not Alone – asymmetric spaceship wreck where the survivors try and survive against an alien creature
Nuns on the run – asymmetric chase game as the novice nuns try to evade the prowling abbess
Pandemic – save the world from disease, about a 40% success rate
Pandemic: Iberia – like pandemic but set in 1848 Spain & Portugal with railways
Space Alert – no room for error in space if you want to survive this co-operative disaster
Star Trek – Expeditions – thematic co-operative game by Reiner Knizia with mini Enterprise & crew
Sub Terra – Warning, going caving is dangerous; you won’t all survive (if any)
T.I.M.E. Stories – Asylum
Who Goes There? (a B I G co-operative game based on the book that spawned John Carpenter’s Thing – so co-operative until you are infected)

Other good modern games
10 days in Europe
Age of Empires III – Age of Discovery
Alhambra (Winner Spiel des Jahres 2003)
Arena Maximus
Between Two Cities
Blood Rage
Blue Moon City – dragons, crystals and tiles with Reiner Knizia
Buccaneer (2006 Spiel des Jahres nominee)
Carcassonne Star Wars
Carcassonne – Goldrush
Carcassonne – the Discovery
Carcassonne – Hunters & Gatherers
Carcassonne : Inns and Cathedrals (expansion)
Cartagena (the first Cartagena pirate escape game)
Cartagena 2 (get your pirates out of jail, off the island & to the citadel first)
Castles of Burgundy
Cave Troll – includes 68 little heroes, orcs, trolls and dungeon crawling
Century: Eastern Wonders – the sequel to popular-at-the-Library-Pot Century: Spice Road
Chinatown – negotiation pure and not always so simple
Cornish Smuggler
Cottage Garden
Crystal Hall (new release with wizards, crystals and spells)
Cytosis – worker placement in a human cell, fuelled by ATP and everything
Deadwood 1876 – help your team get to the final showdown, then shoot them
Dragons Quest
Drakon – explore the dragon’s cave before she eats you
Fair Means or Foul aka Hoity Toity
Felinia – cats go trading across the sea
Firefly The Game (inc Pirates & Bounty Hunters)
Flamme Rouge
Freya’s Folly
Galaxy Trucker – build a spacecraft, launch it into the unknown, watch it destroyed, die in the loneliness of space
Game of Thrones: The Board Game (1st edition) (Five houses vie for the throne of Westeros)
Happy Pigs – feed, breed & vaccinate your pigs; don’t ask what happens when they go to market…
Hare & Tortoise (First winner of Spiel des Jahres in 1979) – no luck, just carrots
The Hobbit Board Game – Reiner Knizia’s take on this Tolkein prequel
Holding On : The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr – Very different game where you are the hospital care workers trying to ease Billy through his last days in palliative care
Imperial Settlers
Incan Gold aka Diamante
Isle of Sky: From Chieftain to King
Ivor the Engine – There he is, look; with so many sheep
Jamaica – A pirate race!
Keltis – Collect cards in the right order to speed through Reiner Knizia’s paths (also have Lost Cities)
Keyflower (Hexes, worker placement bidding, villages & player interaction)
Kill Doctor Lucky
Kingdom Builder
Kolejka (Queue) – queuing was a way of life in Communist Poland
Kumo Hogosha – the moving board will upset your best laid plans
Let Then Eat Shrimp – avoid being eaten by sharks in this tile-laying game
Lost Cities – Card drafting & hand management game from Reiner Knizia (also have Keltis) Machi Koro (& Harbour Expansion) – dice that work for you or for everyone
Mage master
Meeple Circus – get your meeples to perform for the public
Mr Jack – stay in the shadows to evade the old bill
Munchkin – Deluxe
Niagara (winner Spiel des Jahres 2005) – with an actual waterfall
Parfum – collect ingredients, make perfumes for well-heeled customers
Pauper’s Ladder – brand new fantasy card game with lots of characters & creatures
Photosynthesis – chase the sun, avoid the shadows and photosynthesise
Pirate’s Cove
Portal (the uncooperative cake acquisition game)
Portobello Market
Queen’s Necklace
Rats to Riches – Money grabbing rats scrabbling to be top dog
Roadkill (Avalon Hill)
Ruse – Steampunk murder mystery
Scottish Highland Whisky Race
Settlers of Canaan – yes, you read that right; it’s biblical
Settlers of catan: 5-6 player expansion
Shadow Hunters + expansion
Sheriff of Nottingham
Sid Meier’s Civilization
Simply Cosmic
Skyline 3000
Sonar – like battleships but with strategy
Spirits of the Forest – light card game with gemstones & decisions
Stone age – the best worker placement to start with
Taj Mahal
Tammany Hall
The Thief of Baghdad (aka 12 Thieves)
Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization
Thurn und Taxis
Time and Space
Tinners’ Trail
Tiny Epic Kingdoms
Tokaido – take a thoughtful journey across Japan
Tombouctou (aka Timbuktu)
Tortuga 1667 – pirates plotting and fighting among themselves to scoop all the treasure
The Traders of Genoa
Tragedy Looper
Valley of the Four Winds
Viticulture: the Essential Edition
Welcome To … – everyone makes different choices with the same cards, plays from 2 to 100 people
Waggle Dance – follow those bees
Zambezi / Sambezi – take a photo-op cruise along the mighty Zambezi

2-player games (ancient & modern)
Backgammon – Travel
Chess – The Simpsons
Chess & Draughts
Codenames Duet – 2-player version of the popular word game
Dominoes (Coloured Spots!)
Go (Weiqui / Badrun) – more possible moves than atoms in the universe
Kalaha – mancala family
Royal Game of Ur – over 4,000 years old
Shogi – Japanese chess – more intuitive than western chess – version of Shogi designed to be more accessible to new players
Viking Game aka Hnefntafl
Xiangqi – Chinese chess – with a river running through it
… and then we held hands
7 Wonders – Duel – 2player version of the empire-building game
Jaipur – where camel husbandry makes all the difference
Kamisado – draughts with colours and a twist
Nagaraja – 2-player dice game by fabulous Bruno Cathala (Kingdomino, Five Tribes, Mr Jack)
Odin’s Ravens – choose your way carefully
Onitama – clever card-driven 2-player strategy game
Patchwork – tetris quilting board game to earn … or lose … buttons
Raptor – model scientists and dinosaurs in conflict
Rivals for Catan (+ Age of Darkness expansion) – Catan but different
Solitaire for TWO
Tatsu – intriguing 2-player dragon-battling dice game

Family games
Cluedo – Original
Cluedo: SFX
Frustration (aka Trouble!)
Game of Life
Go For Broke
Hotel (aka Hotel Tycoon)
I’m The Boss! (Kohle, Kies & Knete)
The London Board Game – race around the London Underground
London Ludo
Monopoly – Game of Thrones
Monopoly – Star Wars (The Clone Wars)
Monopoly Junior
Monopoly City
Monopoly Europe
Monopoly Cheater’s Edition – if you want to cheat but don’t want to break the rules
Partners – the Ludo-like strategy game that is fiercely popular in Denmark
Pass the Pigs
Spy Ring
Survive! Escape from Atlantis!
Crystal Hall
Deal or No Deal
Doctor Who The Time Wars Family Board Game
Golden Balls
The Really Nasty Horse Racing Game
Scotland Yard
Sin City The Game
Fore – The Golf Game
The News from the BBC
Buy Sell or Hold?
VektoRace – race little cars around the table

Card games
15 dîas
6 Nimmt aka 6 Takes!
Ali (aka Open Sesame)
Arboretum – tricky path-building game set amongst beautiful trees
Ashes- Rise of the phoenix
Bad Babiez
Battle Line
Bears Vs Babies (in the furry box…)
Bloody Legacy
Brews of the World (aka Hip Hops)
Buccanner (card game)
Canal Grande
Cauldron Master
Cheaty Mages
Cloud 9
Cucumber Sandwich (min age 18 years) (a silly rude card game for age 18+)
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Draco Magi
The emoji game
Exploding Kittens
Fast Flip
Flag Frenzy
Flagship: Coyote Stands
Fluxx & Pirate Fluxx
Fruit Bandits
Hero Realms
Hex Hex
Hex Hex Next
High Bohn Plus
High Society
Hollywood Players
Igels: The Card Game
Kitty Cat Aclysm – more cat puns than you can i-meow-gine
Koba Yakawa
Kodama – The Tree Spirits
Lab Wars
Lone Ranger
Love Letter
Love Ranger Shuffling the Deck
Management Material: General Office Edition
Middle Kingdom
Mined Out
Modern Art: The Card Game aka Master’s Gallery
Monopoly Deal
Mottainai deluxe
Munchkin-Loot Letter
No Thanks
Port Royal
Potato Man
Power Rangers’ Action Card Game
Quarx – who knew adding up could be so competitive
Royal Goods aka Oh My Goods!
Samurai – The Card Game
Sequence – play two decks of cards to make sequences
Shashawa (aka Spoons)
Sherlock Holmes – The Card Game
Sitting Ducks Gallery
Stak Bots
Sticks & Stones
Strip Poker with Dares
Sushi Go!
Terrible Monster
Top Speed
Up & Down
Welcome to the Dungeon
Who’s The Ass?
Wibbell ++
Yin Yang
Mini poker set
Poker – Mini Poker set (mini cards, mat, chips)

Dice games
Age of War
Bang! The Dice Game
Dice Forge (make your own diceses, almost)
Dice Hospital (a dice-placement medical emergency with real ambulances – little plastic real ambulances not big motor vehicle paramedic ambulances)
Doodle Dice
Formidable Foes
Kerfuffle! (aka Dicescapades)
King of Tokyo (+ Halloween & Power Up extensions)
Logo Grab
Magic-The gathering – Arena of the Planeswalkers
Pass The Pigs
Pizza Party
Pot Black Ray Reardon’s Snooker Dice
Tumblin Dice
Yahtzee – Ninja Turtles
Yahtzee – Power Yahtzee
Yahtzee – Travel Yahtzee
Zombie Dice

Abstract & Logic games
Carol Vorderman’s Sudoku Board Game
Da Vinci Coda (deductive logic game to break a code)
Haru Ichiban
Hey that’s my fish
Ingenious: Travel Edition
Line Links
Master Mind – Original
Oshi the game of influence
Plateau X
Qwirkle cubes
Spy Web
Take it Easy
Tash-Kalar: Arena of Legends
Triolet – Scrabble with numbers (adding up to 15)
Tsuro of the Seas + Veterans of the Seas expansion
YongJun Yulong 3 layers magic cube

Word games
Boggle – Super Boggle – Boggle Slam
Enigma – a game of riddles
In a Pickle
Junior Scrabble
Lex-Go! Harry Potter Word Game – Wizard-themed … Bananagrams with a wand?
Pairs in Pears
Pass The Bomb
Scrabble Deluxe
Scrabble Junior
Super Boggle
Travel Hangman
Travel Scrabble
Yes! No!

Party games
Accused! Getting Away with Murder
After Dinner Arguments
Bucket of Doom – spin tall tales based on cards you hold to get out of trouble
Captain Sonar – you are the crews of two submarines hunting each other
Cards Against Humanity – for truly horrible people
Cash n Guns – resevoir dogs with real foam pistols
CastQuest – Hurl spells & curses to interfere with your opponent’s descriptions
Chicken Charades
Chronicles of skin
Codenames Pictures – the popular word game done with pictures !?!!?
Dare! – really, I dare you…
Dixit – see how other people think
Fake Artist Goes to New York
Game Off
Game Off Celebrities
Host your own Murder Mystery Evening
In a Bind
Jibbergiggle – spouting nonsense for fun
Joking Hazard
Justin Bieber: Always Be Mine – a game of dares, success allows you to kiss sweet Justin
Just One –  provide clues but don’t be too obvious as duplicates get weeded out
Obama Llama – spot the rhyming opportunities in “Donald Trump having a dump” or similar
Pictionary – quick draw
The Pretender – subtle deception and misdirection
Randomise – draw, act or describe your way to victory
Shout! – all sorts of quizzes, word associations and probably guessing
Skribble Head
Soundiculous – Beep, cheep, grunt, howl & laugh your way to glory
Sushi Go Party! – Sushi Go! for more people and with new cards
Telestrations – Chinese whispers with drawing
Tired of London – for miserable Londoners who are fed up of living in bloomin’ Lahndn
Totally Outrageous Drinking Games
True Colors – think you know your friends? guess who will vote as you predict
Weird Things Humans Search – really you won’t believe it
When I Dream
Who am I?
Unlock! Escape Adventures

Social Deduction games
The Chameleon (try and mix in with the crowd so no-one can tell you haven’t a clue in this word game)
Deception: Murder in Hong Kong
Dracula’s Feast – with Cthulhu & Friends expansion
Mafia de Cuba
Manipulate – backstab your way to power in this negotiation and bluffing game
Murder Mystery Party
One Night Ultimate Werewolf
Orphan Black the Card Game
The Pact: The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow
Panic Station
Project Airlock
Spyfall 2
Two Rooms & a Boom

Physical / Dexterity games
Bandu (aka Bausack)
Booby Trap
Bop it!
Bucket King 3D
Camp Rock Dance Mat
Catch the Moon (Décrocher la Lune) – Build a tower of ladders to reach the moon
Connect 4
Connect 4 (mini 4-in-a-row)
Crazy Cubes – World Football Stars
Dance Maker 2 – Dance Mat
Don’t Rock The Boat
Fun Farm
Ghost Blitz (grab ghost, book, bottle, mouse or armchair quicker than anyone else)
Humpty Dumpty’s Wall Game
Ice Cool
Jenga Tetris
Jungle Speed
Junk Art
Looping Louis
Make 7
Manic Martians
Monster Surgery
Noodle Game (use chopsticks to steal noodles)
OK Play (like connect 4, but flat on the table)
Pitch Car
Rainbow Rush (some rainbows are a bit wrong, some are very wrong)
Rhino Hero – build a stack of cards but watch out for the rhino
Rhino Hero Super Battle – taller, stronger, harder, faster
Rugby Conversion
Simon Flash
Skull Island Adventure
Spring Fever
Tetris tower 3D
Tokyo Highway – build a mini elevated motorway system with mini cars
Toru – be fast, be furious, grab a dragon

Kid’s games
Beetle Drive
Build A Radio AM/FM
Charades for Kids
Guess Who?
Miaou Miaou
Pasta Panic
Scooby-Doo! Hide & Shriek Game
3D Snakes & Ladders
Pirate’s Quest Game
Robot Turtles

Quiz games
5-second rule –   high pressure quiz game with only 5 seconds to answer
Anomia – a quiz mixed with visual perception
Blockbusters the ITV quiz game
Catchphrase the DVD game
Confident? – no need to know the answer, guess a range
Cortex Challenge
Desperate Housewives
Doctor Who DVD Board Game – sing the theme tune while playing
Glee CD Board Game
Guinness Game of Records
Kid’s Trivia Plus
Logo Board Game
Mike Read’s Pop Quiz Card Game
Monty Python’s Really Silly Board Game
Mr lister’s Quiz Shootout
Music Quiz Game hosted by Martin Kemp
Picture This
Pointless The Board Game
Pop Music Quiz
Qi the Board Game
Quiz Match
Quizmaster, Magnus Magnusson
Scene it?
Scene it? Friends
Scene it? Harry Potter
Screen Test
Shakespeare the Bard Game
Sing It Back
Smart Ass
Spot the Intro 2
Timeline Historical Events
Timeline Inventions
Top Gear The Game
Top Gear Trivia Challenge
Top of the Pops Quiz game
Trivial Pursuit – 2000s
Trivial Pursuit – Entertainment edition
Trivial Pursuit – Genus Edition
Trivial Pursuit – Genus II edition
Trivial Pursuit – Millennium Edition
Trivial Pursuit – RPM edition
Weakest Link
Who Knows Where?
Who Wants to be a Millionaire
Who Wants to be a Millionaire (Pink Edition)
Who Wants to be a Millionaire Junior
Wits & Wagers –  trivia game where knowing your opponent can score more than knowing the answer
Mind Trap

War & Strategy games
2 de Mayo
Black Fleet
Countdown Special Ops
Escape from Colditz
Francis Drake
Mag Blast
Risk – Lord of the Rings
Risk – Star Wars
Risk – World Strategy Game
Risk – World Strategy Game
Twilight Struggle deluxe

More family games
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the Board Game
Cocoa A GoGo
Judge Dredd
Junior Monopoly
Monopoly – Game of Thrones
Monopoly City
Outrage – Steal the Crown Jewels
Pac man

Mahjong & similar games
Mahjong – American version
Mahjong – Chinese
Mahjong – Japanese Riichi
Tien Zi Que

Come and play games.  There are over 505 to choose from in our library.

From Agricola to Zombicide
From Dobble to Twilight Struggle
From Pandemic to Avalon
From 3-player chess to Mah Jong
From floor to ceiling …..