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Lunch & Games” – include meals on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.
Dinner & Games” – include meals during any evening session.
“Weekend Afternoons” for snacks & drinks on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.
“Evening Sessions” for snacks & drinks during any evening session.

Essential to book for weekends, both afternoon and evening sessions.

For afternoon sessions, set the UNTIL value to match the session end time.
If coming for lunch or dinner you will have the opportunity to order food in advance while booking. There will also be a link on the booking confirmation if you want to add for the rest of the group later.

We prioritise the upstairs (ground floor) for customers who are having meals & games, and the downstairs (dungeon) for customers who are drinking, snacking and playing games. Upstairs is nearer the kitchen and there is slightly more table space. There is still table room in the dungeon and you can still order any food from the menu but there is no table service and you will have to come upstairs to order. If you want to sit upstairs but not order a meal, then please note there will be a minimum spend of £15 per person (not including the entry fee).

Booking at the last moment will not guarantee that a table will be available.

For groups of 7 or more please go to the Group Bookings page on this website.

If you have to change the time of arrival or the number of people, please use the link on our reply to your booking.
Or email rob @ or text 07930 332 688.

IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO TURN UP, PLEASE CANCEL YOUR BOOKING!!  Don’t be a No-Show!!  No Shows make it more likely we will ask for a non-refundable deposit with EVERY booking.

Please book to fit in with our Sessions:
Sessions =
Thursday & Friday evenings: 
5pm to 11pm
Saturday afternoon: Noon to 5.30pm
Saturday evening: 
6.00pm to 11.30pm
Sunday afternoon: Noon to 4.30pm
Sunday evening: 
4.30pm to 9.00pm

Minimum age = 8 years old. Sorry, no children/babies under the age of 8.
Minimum age for ball pool = 14 years old

No food or drink from outside to be consumed on the premises – that includes bottled water, birthday cakes etc.
Sorry but we do not have room for bikes (including folding bicycles), prams or buggies etc inside The Library Pot.

If the booking widget is not working for any reason, please email rob @ with your name, mobile phone number, total number of guests in party, and expected arrival time.