E A T     P L A Y     L A U G H   

Have a different night out – enjoy games in real life.

Come and have fun. Choose from a great menu of eclectic food and drinks, and a library of 505+ board games, and some dressing up options – stay for many hours without having to rush off. Watch out, time passes differently at The Library Pot while you are having fun. You can be competitive or eccentric, the place is costume-friendly and twinkles like a fantasy land. Ideal for double dating or with work colleagues you actually like or just want to beat at a game! On Thursday and Friday, come after work for a leisurely dinner and stay for hours having fun – try interesting wines, local craft beers, sake and umeshu plum wine, and even absinthe. And then find the adults-only ball pool to release your inner child and transport your life. Come at noon on Saturday or Sunday, and eat, play, laugh & learn with your friends or family all day – and all evening if you want. Along the leafy boulevard part of Richmond, towards Kew Gardens. Nearest tube is Richmond station.

To book for your meal & games experience at The Library Pot, please use the booking widget at the top of the page (you can phone to ask any questions, but please don’t phone to make a booking). We prioritise the upstairs (ground floor) for customers who are having meals & games, and the downstairs for customers who are drinking, snacking and playing games.

Some tables are set aside for customers who turn up on the day, first come first served.

Sessions =
5pm to 11pm Thursday & Friday evenings
Noon to 5.30pm Saturday afternoon
6.00pm to 11.30pm Saturday evening
Noon to 4.30pm Sunday afternoon
4.30pm to 9.00pm Sunday evening

Otherwise closed Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday – available for booking for corporate events & private parties. Please email rob @ librarypot.uk

The Library Pot is a games café with food – food orders are queued in our small kitchen and individual items delivered to table when ready – which can take a while when we are busy (sometimes more than an hour if you are at the back of the queue – but you have games to occupy yourselves while you wait). Dishes are delivered to table when ready so may not arrive at the same time. You will find good food, not always fast food…


If you are planning a meal and games experience, please book. Weekends and some weekdays are often very busy and we would hate to have to turn you away.  Please use the booking widget in advance to make a reservation. Bookings must be made online, not on the phone please nor by email (unless booking for a group or the widget is not working). Booking at the last moment will not guarantee that a table will be available.

Groups of 7 or more must book in advance.  A non-refundable deposit per person for groups of 7 or more is payable in advance.  Please see booking page for rates. No children / babies under the age of 8 in groups.

Well behaved children over the age of 8 years old, supervised by an adult, are welcome at The Library Pot. ie minimum age is 8.  The cover charge of £5 per person applies to visitors of any age (up to group of 9 people). The ball pool is only for adults, minimum age for the ball pool is 14 years old


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