Mind Sports Olympiad

2019 Mind Sports Olympiad

Did you know that board games have their own Olympics? Every year in London, the Mind Sports Olympiad (MSO) is held, with competitions showcasing over 60 boardgames and associated activities.

Join The Library Pot team to practice some of these great games and maybe, just maybe, enter one or two of the competitive events at the Olympiad.  We will hold MSO sessions focussing on just one or two games at a time.

Here is a list of the games that we will be learning and playing.  We will have prearranged days for specific events, but will happily concentrate on whichever games you want to prepare for.  Come to The Library Pot at 2.00pm on Friday afternoons or 7.00 pm on Tuesday evenings (no cover charge, just £10 minimum spend on food and drinks).

Learn/Play/Practice Sessions:
7 Wonders ( Friday 28 June & Tuesday 6 August)
Abalone  (Tuesday 16 July & Friday 19 July)
Acquire (Tuesday 16 April & Friday 14 June)
Azul  (Tuesday 14 May & Friday 17 May)
Blokus (Friday 12 April & Tuesday 18 June)
Carcassonne (Friday 12 July & Tuesday 23 July)
Catan  (Friday 10 May & Tuesday 21 May)
Colour Chess (Tuesday 9 July & Friday 26 July)
Dominion (Tuesday 23 April & Friday 7 June)
Go (Tuesday 16 July & Friday 19 July)
Hare & Tortoise (Friday 5 July & Tuesday 30 July)
Ingenious – aka Mensa Connections (Tuesday 30 April & Thursday 30 May)
Kamisado (Friday 21 June & Tuesday 13 August)
Keltis – child of Lost Cities (Friday 26 April & Tuesday 4 June )
Octi (Tuesday 7 May & Friday 24 May)
Quoridor (Friday 12 April & Tuesday 18 June)
Rummikub (Good Friday 19 April & Tuesday  11 June)
Splendor (Friday 3 May & Tuesday 28 May)
Stone Age (Tuesday 25 June & Friday 9 August)
Ticket to Ride (Tuesday 2 July & Friday 2 August)

Tuesday evening sessions start at 7.00pm.  Friday afternoon sessions (and the Thursday afternoon session) at 2.00pm.  These games are all available at The Library Pot if you want to come in and play at other times.

Please join our Library Pot meetup group and RSVP to the session that you want to join, or drop an email to rob @ librarypot dot uk.

The schedule for ALL the actual events taking place at the MSO in August is shown here:
(There are fees to enter events, and there are some prizes in some categories.)

If you are interested in playing any of the other event games at The Library Pot, then please contact rob or Emily.

The venue for the MSO in August this year is again in North London at

341-351 Finchley Road