About Us

The Library Pot is a games club. We have hundreds of games: board games and table top games of all sorts (but not video games). You are invited to join in and play! For fun! A session lasts up to 5 or 6 hours, choosing and playing game after game.

There can be laughter, competition and co-operation. You can change your perspective by wearing a costume – try the strawberry outfit or bring one of your own!

There is no universal definition of what a games café is or does, but there are a few of us now in the UK and more arriving all the time. At the Library Pot we have alcohol but also lots of teas – our Flora teas that bloom in the glass are beautifully popular. The menu includes both larger meals or smaller plates to keep you fuelled. Unlike some cafés we don’t chase you out once you have finished your tea: stay and play more games! Nor are we like a restaurant, trying to get your orders and food completed as quickly as possible to turn the tables over for another customer. The deal is that if you come and spend several hours here, if you need to be fed and watered, you buy from us. No food or drink from the outside.

And did we mention the ball pool? Each of the games cafés in the UK is independent – each has its own menu, its own pricing policy and own slots for open ended or time-boxed gaming. Some allow booking only during the week. At The Library Pot we encourage you to book when you are coming for a meal to ensure we get you the right table – see the link at the top of the page.

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